Tips for cold weather clothing

Finally, the weather is starting to seem like the fall season, and as you start to pull out your sweaters and outerwear, they might need a little freshening up. Here are a few hints to make your wardrobe ready for the season ahead:

If you want to wash your sweaters or cashmere coats, place them in a mesh bag and wash them on the express cycle in your washing machine!  Yes, you can use the washing machine, just make sure that the spin takes out all the extra water so that they aren’t soggy when you lay them flat to dry.  It really is best if you use a soap rather than detergent, like The Laundress or our exclusive The Laundry Evangelist soap flakes.

To wash down, place in the washer and run through an express cycle, then toss in the dryer with a couple of tennis balls to fluff up the down.  Many down coats are made of synthetic fibers, if you need to remove oily stains, it is best to use straight vinegar and follow with a stain bar.

A fun tip for all of your fall apparel that just needs a “freshening.”  Spritz them with vodka!  Vodka removes stale odors from clothing. Use a spray bottle, and since it is odorless and colorless it won’t leave anything behind.  Just make sure that you use real vodka, not a vodka flavored beverage.