The Holiday Linens, are you ready?

Thanksgiving is next week, are you ready?  At least, are your linens ready?  This week, before you really start food prep this is the perfect time to get the table prepared.

If you are the person that only uses the good linens on holidays, you probably haven’t used them in a little while and they could stand a little freshening.

First, put your linens in a hot fast cycle in the washing machine.  You might add a little vinegar to the rinse water to make the linens soft and remove any soap that might make them stiff.

Second, Iron using a hot iron and some sizing or starch.  This process will be much easier if you mist each piece to create steam before you iron it  You will want to iron everything flat (as opposed to ironing the tablecloth folded)  Put a clean sheet under the ironing board if your tablecloth is so large that it drags the floor.  G

Finally, go ahead and place everything on the table if you can so that everything will stay neat and clean.

A final hint is…put all your serving pieces on the table and label them so you are ready on the big day.

Watch next week for some tips to remove stains from the tablecloth after you have used it!