Mona Williams Fantasy Gift: Let The Laundry Evangelist Take Over

Fridays are our favorite day of the week, since it is the day we launch our luxury gifts.  We love the idea of over the top gifts, and want to provide opportunities and experiences that are truly unique for you to give or receive.  Because we also love the luxury of giving, each of our Friday experiences will include a donation to charities that provide laundry services to the homeless and other people in need.

Our first luxury gift can be a gift three ways, all magical, and all with the fun and whimsy of Mona Williams.  Let Patric, The Laundry Evangelist, come in and take over your laundry room and teach you how to take better care of your family’s treasured wardrobe and your beautiful household linens.  Get the tools and tricks to be a laundry pro and minimize trips to the dry cleaner after you learn how to wash many of those items at home.  Your friends will marvel at your confidence as you toss your favorite designer jacket into the wash, and they will be even more amazed when they witness your carefree attitude to red wine.  This gift can make life simpler, better and so much more fun.  Choose the option below that works best for you.

Opportunity One:

The Laundry Evangelist will come in and outfit you with all the tools you need to make your existing laundry system more effective.  Get Patric’s favorite iron, drying rack, and tools along with brand new laundry soaps from The Laundry Evangelist.  Of course there will be a disco ball!  After we unload the incredible assortment of supplies, Patric will walk you through using all of the products along with showing you better ways to use your existing laundry appliances  

How can you put a price on being a laundry pro?  Well, we can…$1,250.

Opportunity Two:

You realize it’s time for an upgrade, right?  You have been using that same old washer and dryer for way too long and missing out on what technology can do for you.  Let Patric select a new washer and dryer based on your needs and show you how to make it even more magical. We will include everything from Opportunity One, but add in the bonus of a new washer and dryer.  We will arrange for it to be delivered at an agreed upon time and set up in your existing laundry space.  After everything is set up and ready to go, let’s spend some time getting to know your new laundry friends.

If you could put a price on looking like you have full time staff, wouldn’t it be more than $5,000?

Opportunity Three:

This one is so fun we can’t even stand it!  Patric, The Laundry Evangelist, will bring along his friend Katie to totally make over your laundry room in one day.  We will select flooring, furniture, paint, a space for the bar (makes it even better, and you can get the stains out!) and everything you need to have a laundry room worthy of a magazine shoot.  Since everyone loves a spacelift, after the magical transformation, invite 6 friends over and we will provide fun nibblys and gift bags and teach everyone how to do laundry like a pro.  You will have an incredible laundry room, the training to master it,, and the satisfaction that the next time you go take your friends to a gala, you will all look like a million bucks.

Can you put a pricetag on envy?      $12,500