When thinking of fashion, one must start with the great French fashion houses, such as Dior or Saint Laurent. These houses have “rules” that define them and define the look of the brand. They refer to them as “codes” and in the industry they are referred to as “codes of the house.”


Orange is a neutral.

Your girlfriends are perfect for advice about tv shows, your gay friends are perfect for advice about shoes.

As you walk out of the house take a look in the mirror…then add one more thing.

The calories in candy don’t count.

Old money is better than new money, but new money is better than no money!

Missoni matches everything.

Pattern on pattern matching is easy, monochromatic is hard.

Leggings aren’t pants.

Go big or go home. (this especially applies to diamonds and handbags)

If you want it and don’t know where to wear it, it’s perfect for the grocery store.

A motorcycle jacket looks great over everything.

Taste is for cowards.

Carrots are the best vegetable. Period

We like girls that smoke in the bathroom.

We, like the French LOVE Jolie Laide as the perfect sort of fashion sense, we just use the American “Ugly Pretty.”

Shopping should be more fun than birthday parties…even birthday parties where there’s a pony.

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